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[Reproduce]HostDoc Is Closing

Tom 199 0

It is with great regret that I write this email.

HostDoc will be closing its doors today and will no longer accept orders for any service moving forward.
All payment gateways are now inactive. All clients will be refunded pro-rata and a few refunds have already began being issued. If your refund has not yet been recieved, please open a ticket and be patient, all valid requests will be refunded.
If you have a paypal subscription set up, please cancel it now.

As much as I enjoy providing a hosting service basically for free (there has never been a profit margin which was not reinvested into new hardware), and as much as I can fend away many if not most of the trolls or those that try and bring the brand or reputation down, it is a much harder feat when it is someone that was once trusted.

As such, this is a notice that backs ups should immediately be taken and alternative hosting solutions be sought as a replacement for the services you currently have with us.

Services will not go down immediately, however, acting immediately would see you prepared for when our services do eventually go down which can be up to 30 days from today.

Our cpanel shared hosting may stay available for the next 6 months. If this is the case, no further fee will be charged to current users however, you are urged to use this time to prepare backups and migrate away from HostDoc.

I am sorry to those I will be letting down with this decision.
I am sorry I could not be the host I envisioned being.

Thank you for choosing HostDoc and allowing us to serve you as best as we could.


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