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Server Stadium - All Dedicated Servers 55% off - Start from $13.5 USD / Month

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Server Stadium is a budget dedicated server provider, you can order cheap servers here. No server setup fee and have great response times of about 20 minutes. So this price is still worth a try.

But at such a low price, it is possible that the hardware of the machine is relatively old, so it is not recommended to use it in the production environment.

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Dual L5420 - 16GB DDR2 - 1x500GB SATA

8C 2.5Ghz
16 GB DDR2
500 GB SATA 7200RPM
5 Usable IPs
10 TB - 1 Gbps port
$ 13.50 USD / Month
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Dual L5520 - 24GB DDR3 - 1x500GB SATA

8C/16T 2.26Ghz
24 GB DDR3
5 Usable IPs
10 TB - 1 Gbps port
$ 18 USD / Month
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2xE5-2660 - 64B DDR3 - 1x2TB SATA

16C/32T 2.20Ghz
64 GB DDR3
5 Usable IPs
10 TB - 1 Gbps port
$ 40.50 USD / Month
Order Link

E3-1230v1 - 16GB DDR3 - 1x2TB SATA

16 GB DDR3
5 Usable IPs
10 TB - 1 Gbps port
$ 26.1 USD / Month
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